2016-01-17 Q&A Session during release of “The Battle For Sanskrit”

Because sound system in the hall was bad, questions cannot be heard. Each question is restated before the answer is given.

1. To prove inner experience scientifically, can we use the consensus of many persons as empiricism?

2. What is being done & to be done to properly depict our ancient sciences?

3. As a scientist at BARC I get papers to review for publication, which allows m to see all the latest knowledge of my field. Since Westerners control most journals it means they have access to everyone’s proprietary know how.

4. To know what is true and what is not, there is need for channels of research and communication. What is being done?

5. What is to be done about the control of media that works against the authentic views?

6. What is to be done about the sad plight of Sanskrit education today?

7. How are you engaging the Swamis and Gurus who ignore the social and public issues we face?

8. Lack of Hindu Unity is a problem. What is to be done about this?

9. How to bring out the strong connection between Sanskrit and Science?

10. As a member of the Sangh I want to know how you are in communication with our leaders so your work becomes better known.

11. What is your view on the various kinds of opposition to Sanskrit?

Roddam Narasimha & Mohandas Pai discuss “The Battle For Sanskrit” with Rajiv Malhotra, at Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru on Jan 17, 2016.

1. Blindspots in portrayal of Indian Science & Spirituality.
2. How to counter institutional biases using grassroots mobilization.


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