2016-03-06 Talk by Rajiv Malhotra at KKS Foundation NJ

Rajiv Malhotra talks about “The Battle for Sanskrit” at Kanchi Kamakoti Seva Foundation at Edison NJ on Mar 6, 2016.

Talk was on the occassion of celebrating the 48th birthday of Kanchi Shankaracharya, HH Shri. Shankara Vijayendra Saraswati.


2016-03 Rajiv Malhotra interviewed by Balaji Srinivasan

Rajiv Malhotra interviewed by young California entrepreneur, Balaji Srinivasan.

This interview has quickly become very popular for many reasons:

The interviewer (Balaji Srinivasan) is an Indian-American born and raised in California, with a very successful start up in health technology at his young age.

Shri. Malhotra and Shri. B. Srinivasan met at an ashram in India some years back. Ever since then we have had several deep conversations about spirituality and Indian civilizations, including the issues we face today.

Shri. B. Srinivasan is solidly entrenched in Hindu dharma and is a sharp intellectual asking good questions. He is articulate and a good person to discuss complex matters in a style that appeals to our youth.

A wide range of topics were covered regarding all of Shri. Malhotra’s five books and other activities.

In the conversation, Balaji uses the framework of Shri. Malhotra’s work to explain his own experiences in US universities dealing with the treatment of Hindu dharma.