2016-06-14 FBLive-0007 Major Archeology Discoveries

Facebook Live broadcast: Tuesday June 14, 11:30 am USA (EST) & 9 pm IST.
What are the major discoveries not getting enough government funding and not known to most Indians? What must be done? Why this matters to the Indian Grand Narrative?




2 thoughts on “2016-06-14 FBLive-0007 Major Archeology Discoveries

  1. Have you been in touch with the Ministries of Culture, HRD, I&B (Including Films Division, NFDC, DD, etc) and others? If yes what was their response to your ideas? Two years of the Modi Government are already over. Has there been any movement on the issue of giving due recognition to our Hindu/Vedic heritage?

    Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) has a new Chairman Shri Ram Bahadur Rai. Do you think IGNCA can play a specific role in pursuit of these objectives of historic importance for our culture, education, and national morale building? Are you in touch with him?


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