2017-02-17 SICON02 S3 A Computational Theory for Rasa

Swadeshi Indology Conference 2
Pollock opines that Indian thinkers have not attempted a robust theory for creativity nor did they have a theory across many kalaas. We sketch a computational theory of rasa to argue against this position and illustrate it with examples in a few art forms.

For background info, pl. see Prof. RN Iyengar’s talk on Music at https://livestream.com/shaalelive/iisc
as well as to see the talks that discuss computational thinking in the Indic tradition by
a) Prof. Roddam Narasimha
b) Prof. MD Srinivas
c) K. Gopinath

Speaker: K. Gopinath

17-19th Feb, 2017
IGNCA, New Delhi

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