2017-02-24 Idea of Bharatiya Exceptionalism

“Idea of Bharatiya Exceptionalism” — Idea of Bharat International Conference.

भारत बोध (Idea of Bharat) 24th Feb 2017
Organised by Bhartiya Shikshan Mandal
Venue: IGNOU, New Delhi


2016-06-11 FBLive-0006 Pros & Cons of US Think Tanks entering India

Pros & Cons of US Think Tanks entering India. – A provocative analysis

  • this latest Indian craze about think tanks
  • what US TTs are, what they want to achieve in India
  • how they differ from academics, funding agencies, seminaries, etc
  • China’s management of US TTs and how it compares with India’s
  • Pros & Cons for India
  • Important methods of relationship with foreign TTs that India must adopt before it is too late.