2017-02-19 -01- SICON02 Closing Session – Prof. K.S. Kannan

Swadeshi Indology Conference 2 – Closing Session

Speaker: Prof. K.S. Kannan

Closing Session
19th Feb, 2017
IGNCA, New Delhi


2017-02-17 SICON02 S14 Monograph 2: Politics of Sanskrit Studies

Swadeshi Indology Conference 2 – Inaugural Session

Speaker: Manjushree Hegde

Sheldon Pollock employs a three-dimensional philology to “make sense” of Valmiki’s Ramayana i.e, he analyzes the text from three different angles/planes: a) Plane 1 — analysis of the “original nucleus” of the Ramayana; b) Plane 2 — analysis of Indian tradition’s reading of it; c) Plane 3 — analysis of the employment of the classical text in politics today. In the present monograph, I employ three angles to analyze and critique his different readings: a) Philological — analysis of the method employed to “make sense” of the text; b) Semantic — analysis of factuality of certain data, translations, interpretations, etc; c) Linguistic — analysis of language employed for sophisticated hypothesizing. I also propose an alternate model of philology that may be employed in “making sense” of texts like the Ramayana.

17-19th Feb, 2017
IGNCA, New Delhi